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Details on academic projects that are ongoing, under review at a journal, or published.

Manuscripts in Progress & Under Review

Suresh, S., Walter, N., and Green, M., "Getting too lost in a story? The role of narrative transportation in promoting misinformation.”"


Suresh, S. and Edgerly, S., "Opinion leadership in the age of Instagram: Analysis of persuasive techniques used by wellness and health influencers."

Suresh, S., Demetriades, S., Walter, N., Montoya, J., Plant, A., Barker, K., Orvananos, C., and Carranza, J., "Linking variations in an entertainment-education telenovela’s storyline with calls to a sexual and reproductive health hotline."


Walter, N., Saucier, C. J., Brooks, J., Suresh, S., Fiers, F., & Holbert, L., "The Chaffee Principle: The most likely effect of communication… is further communication."


Walter, N., Holbert, L., Brooks, J., Saucier, C. J., Suresh, S., & Fiers, F., "Getting out of Debt: The Communication-Begets-Communication (CBC) Typology as an Approach to Theoretical Advancement in the Field."

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

Suresh, S., Walter, N., Montoya, J., Plant, A., Barker, K., “Drama, intrigue, and discussion: The role of telenovelas in facilitating conversations about reproductive health in Mexican households.” Journal of Health Communication.


Suresh, S. and Walter, N. “Guilt by association, change by individuation: Examining the role of guilt and efficacy in mitigating collective risks,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology.


Saucier, C.J., Suresh, S., Brooks, J. J., and Walter, N. (2021). “The effect of an entertainment-education intervention on reproductive health of young women of color,” Health Communication, 1-11.


Walter, N., Brooks, J. J., Saucier, C. J., Suresh, S. (2020). “Evaluating the impact of attempts to correct health misinformation on social media: A meta-analysis,” Health Communication, 1-9.

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