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Published and ongoing peer-reviewed journal articles.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

Suresh, S., Demetriades, S. Z., Walter, N., Montoya, J. A., Plant, A., Barker, K., Orvañanos, C., & Carranza, J. (2023). From watching to calling: Linking variations in an entertainment-education storyline with calls to a health hotline. Health Communication, 1-12.


Suresh, S., & Walter, N. (2022). Guilt by association, change by individuation: Examining the role of guilt and efficacy in mitigating collective risks. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 52(11), 1049-1061.


Suresh, S., Walter, N., Montoya, J. A., Plant, A., & Barker, K. (2022). Drama, intrigue, and discussion: The role of telenovelas in facilitating conversations about reproductive health in Mexican households. Journal of Health Communication, 27(7), 484-494.


Saucier, C. J., Suresh, S., Brooks, J. J., Walter, N., Plant, A., & Montoya, J. A. (2021). The effect of an entertainment-education intervention on reproductive health of young women of color. Health Communication, 37(9), 1093-1103.


Walter, N., Brooks, J. J., Saucier, C. J., & Suresh, S. (2020). Evaluating the impact of attempts to correct health misinformation on social media: A meta-analysis. Health Communication, 36(13), 1776-1784.

Manuscripts in Progress & Under Review

Saucier, C., Ma, Z., Montoya, J. A., Plant. A., Suresh, S., Robbins, C.,Dominguez, M. E., "Information Repertoires and Infection: The Role of Knowledge Consumption Patterns in Rural Populations’ Health Behavior."

Suresh, S., Walter, N., and Green, M., "Getting too lost in a story? The role of narrative transportation in promoting misinformation.”"

Suresh, S. and Edgerly, S., "Opinion leadership in the age of Instagram: Analysis of persuasive techniques used by wellness and health influencers."

Brooks, J., Suresh, S., Relova, J., Radhakrishnan, M., Liu, C., Walter, N., and Sisson, G., “A content-analysis of abortion representation on U.S. streaming platforms.”

Walter, N., Saucier, C. J., Brooks, J., Suresh, S., Fiers, F., & Holbert, L., "The Chaffee Principle: The most likely effect of communication… is further communication."


Walter, N., Holbert, L., Brooks, J., Saucier, C. J., Suresh, S., & Fiers, F., "Getting out of Debt: The Communication-Begets-Communication (CBC) Typology as an Approach to Theoretical Advancement in the Field."

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